The higher our creative input, the higher our collective output.


In return for your creative input, you will unlock:


Honest support

Collaborative opportunities

Shop discounts

Access to a collective skill set

A unique space to archive your experiments with different mediums




Your contribution can be based on any subject, as long as it is something important to you.

Contributions are curated and published on the basis of the content’s perceived honesty.

To ensure you connect with others through your contribution, we recommend featuring a minimum of 250 words to give your creation the context and call to action it deserves.


From idea > to publishing > to sharing

We will personally help you produce a contribution that connects. If you need help, we will also put you in touch with members of our community with the creative skills to bring your ideas to life. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

All contributors are guided through the process by co-founders:


Jack Bartrop + Joe Bidmead