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Detailing the equipment and inspiration that produced this series of stunning scenes across Norway and England.

Hey, my name is Nick. I’ve been into photography for around 2 years now and want to share my favourite work with you, plus a few thoughts.

First off I shoot mainly 35mm film using a Canon AV1, Nikon AF and Yashica FX-3 with a Zeiss lens. Shooting film made me love photography. A manual analogue camera teaches you the basics very quickly, it pushes you to learn because there is no trial error and delete.

Each exposure on a roll of 36 then becomes a bit precious. Then, because you don’t know what you’ve taken, opening up a packet a freshly developed photos feels like a fine Christmas morning. Most importantly, film  looks better than digital, it has a depth and layered richness that digital sensors cannot emulate. 

 There’s no need to edit analogue images too much, maybe just a small crop or straighten. Most of the colour photos here are mostly from kodak ektar 100 film, it’s brilliant for landscapes and the high saturation will extract some colour from a scene even on the gloomiest of days. Some others are Portra 160 and Fuji Superia. The black and white shots are all taken with Ilford.

Norway and Svalbard are the locations for the majority of these scenes, but a few are from East Grinstead in Sussex. It’s easy to see beauty in a place so other-worldly as Norway, apart from being a beautiful country, everything is novel and draws your eye.

In East Grinstead where I’ve grown up, it is hard to see the colours and lines that would be clear in a new place. I think the basis of photography is a personal reaction to a moment. The first time you see something it’s easy to recognise your feeling towards it. Once you have seen something a thousand times then that moment of recognition dulls to the point where it’s hard to react to it at all, and how you view a subject changes completely.

It was only after cycling round with a camera, and really having a good look at things that I started to see something new in my hometown. Simply put, that’s why I enjoy photography, It makes you react to your surroundings.

I hope you enjoy the photos, there are loads more on my instagram – @nickjalfrazi

Prints available on request.