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Sharing the story and lyrics behind this debut EP.

Hello. My name is Ben, I make music under the name ‘Big Nothing’. Below you can listen to my first EP, ‘Nothing Big’.


Previously, most of the songs that I’d spend time writing and recording by myself would be kept mainly within the safety of my bedroom, and occasionally shared on my Soundcloud. That’s all very well and good, but it takes a certain arrogance to think many people are going to want to listen to your laptop-recorded demos and give anything more than, let’s say, a toss, for example.


It wasn’t until sometime last year when I met Louis Milburn, an affable boy one year my junior but with the body hair and recording know-how of a 32 year old man. At this point, the possibility of properly producing an EP for Big Nothing opened up. Louis very generously offered to record some of my songs with me using the equipment he has scattered around his bedroom in Wimbledon.


Having chosen the four songs I wanted to record, we enlisted the help of our friend Ryan Johnson to record the drums with us. Nothing Big soon became something (relatively small).

Also appearing on the EP is Sam Corcoran, a pianistic maestro from Australia who very kindly agreed to record a piano accompaniment for the song Different People and nailed it first take. Thanks Sam.


Choosing the songs to include on the EP wasn’t an easy task and in the end I went for four songs of mine that could show variance of style and that could keep the mood of the EP just bubbling slightly above being ‘too bloody melancholy’. Not easy being an Elliott Smith devotee.


Thanks for reading, now scroll down to listen to the thing.



Boy unsatisfied

I can be your memory of heavy empathy that you once had before you took you took your big crush in a head rush, you’re making me blush, you’re making it me If you’d been more on track, we could have gone back, shared the same craic and feel just fine. Now all i do is wonder, plunder, stun her with my fall I’m surprised at how difficult it is to hide what it is I feel, I’m slipping off another wheel, but again I need this great complexity, what am i besides a boy unsatisfied again and again? do dooo do etc etc. Yet again I need this great complexity, what am i besides a boy unsatisfied again and again?… Repeat.




Different People

It’s a lot, because you’re not even trying to make me forgot. I’m still crying to be in your thoughts, spot the smiling and when it stops every time it hits me at night, the space i feel lying on my side turn and try to swallow my pride, still not enough. But you know I try, but it’s a crime for you to want me don’t waste your time, I’ll waste your mind on me, I’m sorry.


Where do we go? Eye of the needle. Lets just pretend, lets be different people. Then we can be less cerebral worship your touch, even if its lethal but you know I’m right, but its a crime for you to want me don’t waste your time, i’ll waste your mind on me, i’m sorry dee de deee etc. but you know I try, but it’s a crime for me to want you, i’ll waste my time, i’ll waste your mind, on me, I’m sorry.





Nothing to say.




Fall Asleep

Breathe, don’t let it fade, I want you to stay with me. But come on, stop acting so tough, enough is enough, fall asleep Ahhhhhhh, fall asleep. Rush, rush through your day, get out and run away, home to me I can do so much, I’ll stop breathing, eating and sleeping, till I’m with you with youuuuu.