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Channel hopping in search of something old, new, borrowed and blue.

Cripple down creek with your boat shed eyes

Sending heebee jeebee down a thousand spines

I’m shaking and aching in a pink skin suit

Making and faking there’s a fly in the soup

I’m playing dirty three

Teeth are hurting me

Burns are third degree

This is ecstasy

I used to catch the blues so carelessly

Ebola, SARS, Mad Cow disease

But for beating out the silence, I get ‘thanks your a star’

Limbo danced for weeks until I got barred

Saved it all for tomorrow

Spent my time each day

Watching prime time religion on a sold out train

Now the stereo types without my work

And they catch each others’ in the circle jerk

The symbols in the cymbals as his family played

Made him get his entertainment in the right arcade

I’m swinging on a trapeze, I could fall

If you catch me in a second / Would you miss a trick

You know that fire mixed with ice cream will make you sick

I tried to forget

But you reminded me

Whatever happened to Alan Freed

I tried to blame a god on a sinking ship

Then I found my way home with your swinging lips




How much of the present is mine to keep

The person that’s around without a selfish streak

Just a poet trying to enter the Parthenon

Talked about the meaning until we speak of dawn (until you take me home)