Partying on the Adriatic Sea

We joined Banoffee Pies and Palms Trax to shoot their party sailing on the Adricatic Sea at Love International Festival.

It was just three years ago when the festival was originally called The Garden where everything began. The festival had booked us for a takeover in the Olive Grove and that same day we met Palms Trax on a boat party on which we were all punters, dancing away under the sun to Craig Richards, sailing on purple sky lines.





An afternoon of mischief later, Jay (Palms Trax) decided to cancel his flight home and stay with us for the evening for more of the same. At the time we fantasised of one day having the opportunity to play on our own boat, maybe even to invite Palms Trax ourselves, who knows, we were young.



Three years on, the festival now in a new era, in new hands, as a new brand, it all came together. This year Love International invited us to do our own boat party, and Jay (Palms Trax) happened to be playing too… So, the stars had aligned, it was happening.. When the day came it really couldn’t have gone better. Pure vibes on deck, our crowd always surprising us with energy they bring. It was an absolute pleasure to host such a brilliant artist and dj under the platform of our label at one of the friendliest festivals around, and even more of an honour to play b2b for the last half of our Adriatic pirate cruise after years in the making.



(Directed by Joe Bidmead)



(The track used in the film is from our LP BPLS002)





A huge thank you goes to all of the festival organisers, the volunteers, the marketing and media teams, the artist liaisons, the dancers, the crews, the djs, the performers, the local people who cater for all of us, the bar staff, and all those behind the scenes making it tick.





Until next year,