Twenty Five, Still Ill (ii)

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Second in a series in collaboration with the young adults cancer charity, Trekstock.

Working as a filmmaker for The Progress Film Company in Brighton I have had the chance to be involved with and direct a lot of work for the charity sector.


The next film in the Twenty Five, Still Ill series (watch part one here) looks at the story of Josh, an assistant project manager from London. As well as shooting at Josh’s house we were lucky enough to get permission to film at Josh’s workplace, the redevelopment site of the BBC building. This was great location to show Josh in his day job with the London backdrop, whilst also showing the normality of Josh’s day to day life before hearing about his illness.

Twenty Five, Still Ill (ii) - Josh

On the outside I look fine, but behind closed doors, it’s often a different story

Twenty Five, Still Ill (ii) - Josh

It was a beautiful morning and the light was hitting the building site at an angle which created some great shadows through out the place. The Ronin particularly came into its own here and created one of my favourite visual sequences in the series.

Twenty Five, Still Ill (ii) - Josh

The film was shot on a on a combination of the Sony FS7 and the Sony A7sii using a selection of Zeiss glass (Zeiss Distagon T* 28mm f/2.0 and 35mm T* f/1.4 as well as Zeiss T* Planar 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4). 

The A7sii was used with the DJI Ronin M steady cam to create the tracking shots and and all footage was shot at 50fps.