Twenty Five, Still Ill (i)

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First in a series in collaboration with the young adults cancer charity, Trekstock.

Working as a filmmaker for The Progress Film Company in Brighton I have had the chance to be involved with and direct a lot of work for the charity sector.


I’m interested in creating videos for companies within this sector because of a wealth of stories that need to be told. The documentary format lends itself perfectly to telling such stories.


The next brief I was given the opportunity to direct was for young adults cancer charity Trekstock; I traveled up to their office in London and met the team.


We decided the best and most honest way to promote the word of the work that Trekstock do would be to tell the stories of some of their network users. This way we could hear first hand about peoples experience of finding out they have cancer, their personal journey battling the disease and why Trekstock is so important for people over the age of 25 that loose the support they relied on from the NHS.


Twenty Five, Still Ill (i) - Jess 2

I can’t think of any other situation, in life, where your life changes so much in such a short amount of time

Twenty Five, Still Ill (i) - Jess 3

It’s only when you start to get back into your normal everyday life that you realise the impact that its had

Twenty Five, Still Ill (i) - Jess 1

The film was shot on a on a combination of the Sony FS7 and the Sony A7sii using a selection of Zeiss glass (Zeiss Distagon T* 28mm f/2.0 and 35mm T* f/1.4 as well as Zeiss T* Planar 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4). 


The A7sii was used with the DJI Ronin M steady cam to create the tracking shots and and all footage was shot at 50fps.